Winner: thefaultinourforever!


Voting is now CLOSED!! Our winner will be announced tomorrow!


Anonymous asked: How long is voting open for?

Voting is open for about another 5 hours!

Anonymous asked: are we still aloud to send imagines in? do we just send our entries in over ask? or...???

No, you may not. Entries were due two days ago. You can vote, though, for the entries that were sent in on time!

Anonymous asked: How do you vote in the contest, sorry

Find the imagine you want to vote for, then send us a message with that imagine’s number.  :)

Anonymous asked: Hey there, are you allowed to tell followers that you're in the contest and to vote? Or is that against the rules?

You can tell your followers that you are in a contest and send them to this page to read the imagines and vote, but to avoid this becoming a “popularity contest”, please don’t tell them which number your entry is! :)

The Prompt:

The writers were asked to write an imagine based on the music video of “I Wanna Get Better” by Bleachers. They could write an imagine featuring any of the fantastic four and were asked to let their imaginations go wild from the video and song!
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Anonymous asked: hey uh , before we vote can you maybe tell us what the task was ? So we can see in which way they approached it? Idk if this makes sense I hope you get what I'm asking :D

Of course! I’ll post it in one second!

Entry #11.

Entry #11.

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